• 12DEC

    The reception is closed

    WE TAKE CARE OF OUR MEMBERS! Therefore, from today, we are not taking any new members! This will apply until 1st of February 2021. Therefore, the reception will also be closed during the same period. This also means that you are not allowed to take guests to trial training during that period – or for

  • 25OCT

    NEW COVID-19 restrictions

    From 29 October, a mask or visor is required when you arrive and leave Billund Gym & Fitness. When you arrive to signup at the gym, you MUST wear a mask When you are hanging out in the reception area – that is, when you are not actively exercising, you must wear a mask You

  • 08JUN

    Open again

    Read with care The gym is now open, and we have chosen to make some rules in relation to the guidelines the government has sent out.• If you see the gym is full – Come back later!• You MUST always spray and dry machines and equipment off after use, with various sprays available in the