• 18JUN

    Come attend the general assembly

    Come voice your opinion on the 1th of Juli at 19.00 in the fitness center. The agenda will follow our articles of association. There will be to changes to the articles as well. So make sure you come by to learn more about this. Please remember your COVID-19 test.

  • 30MAY

    The reception is now open!

    We are now taking on new members again. Remember your coronapass when you visit the the gym and reception. Opening hours: Monday: 17-18 Wednesday: 17-18 Friday: 10-11

  • 24MAY

    The gym is currently open for all members

    From Saturday the 22nd of Maybe all members chips are now open. This mean we will no longer be checking the coronapas in the entrance but instead will be checking regularly doing the day. This mean you still have to have a valid Coronapass (72 hour old test or you have been vaccinated.). Failture to