• 08JUN

    Open again

    Read with care

    The gym is now open, and we have chosen to make some rules in relation to the guidelines the government has sent out.
    • If you see the gym is full – Come back later!
    • You MUST always spray and dry machines and equipment off after use, with various sprays available in the center.
    • Distance yourself between other members if possible or wait for your turn.
    • If you have been ill or have been traveling stay at home.
    • It is highly recommended, but not required, to bring a towel.
    • Do NOT use the bath facilities at the moment, take a bath at home.
    • Dumbbells MUST be sprayed and wiped off.

    It is our shared responsibility to keep each other up to these rules as the center is open 24 hours a day, which also means you can train at some exciting times OUTSIDE of rush hour (15.00, 19.00). Besides that, we can maximum 50 people at the gym.It is our shared responsibility as a community gym to keep our gym open.

    The month of June is free – That means we first check up on payments in July – So if you have been on hold or stopped your payment, your chip will be closed during July.

    Thank you very much to the members who have supported us financially so far and to thank you to the volunteers who helped maintain the gym.