• 05MAY

    Reopening 6th of May

    We can stay open. It will not be around the clock, but with joint help we can cover almost most of the day and evening.

    Via this link to a google calendar you can see when there is a volunteer in the center, so you can show your corona pass and train.

    Also remember a health insurance certificate – the police would like to see that too if they come by and check and they do so with a state guarantee during at least the first 14 days.

    When you arrive at the center, your chip will be closed.

    But you have to beep it anyway, because then we can see who comes in and trains and thus secure our subsidy from the municipality. It’s a pretty big part of our economy, so that’s why it’s ALWAYS important to beep.

    Then you ring or knock on the door, a volunteer will come and open for you, check your corona pass and then it’s just getting started with training.


    Show respect for our volunteers.
    They ensure that we can stay open.
    This time is based on trust and solidarity.

    We must be able to trust that everyone is newly tested – including the volunteers. It would be annoying if we had to close again because someone chooses to blow on the demands of the authorities.

    If there is a gap in the calendar you will find that one of the volunteer coronapas checkers will ask you nicely to take over the guard temporarily until the next one arrives.

    That is, if the calendar reports that it is open from 10-12 and then again from 13-15, but you then arrive at. 11.45 to train.
    Then the volunteer will ask you to check the coronapas of any other member who may show up before the next volunteer arrives at. 13.
    That does not mean you have to stay until 6 p.m. 13, but in this way the “relay” can be passed on.
    The most important thing is just that there is ALWAYS a member who can check other members’ coronas.

    If you have the coronapas-checking role, you must be able to hear / see if someone knocks or rings the doorbell – also when you train.

    ARE YOU COMPLETELY VACCINATED? Then contact us during the reception’s opening hours – show your corona passport – and then your chip will be opened.